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Our core competency is creating optimized sites and making it visible in Google search results for targeted search terms. Doctors may approach with their existing sites as well for search engine optimization.

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We are creating premium quality website with custom domain for Doctors for Free. If you are a doctor and can handle more patients, you may please contact us for our FREE offer and associated conditions.

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As we are inclined to promote Kolkata’a top doctors, we welcome best doctors for enjoying our FREE listing here at

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Kolkata Doctors Portal is here to promote Kolkata's famous doctors in every possible medical specialization. While Patients can find their best fit doctors and get themselves shown to the doctor in Kolkata area, at the same time this website serves as a promoting platform for Doctors around Kolkata who want to increase their patient volume through cutting edge online presence and prominent visibility especially in Google search. It is undeniable that, finding a good doctor in your locality is not an easy task. In most cases patients rely on word of mouth by other patients but they always want to know even more details of the doctors before visiting.

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Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days and they use Google for literally everything. KolkataDoctorsPortal.Com fills up that gap in terms of providing a common platform for Patients and doctors where patients can get to know the details of the Doctor they would like to visit and Doctors can reach out to patients through Google search visibility.

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Why So Many Fake Doctors in West Bengal?

For last 2 months or so, one after another fake doctors are being spotted in entire West Bengal. It’s pretty alarming that some dishonest people don’t even mind projecting themselves as doctors even though they are not fit to be an assistant for a reputed doctor. They are faking everything starting from degrees, identity and […]

FREE Website For Kolkata Doctors

Drumroll..Exclusive offer for Kolkata’s Top Doctors It’s a great news for top notch Kolkata doctors of various specialization. Yes a FREE website. A professionally designed and optimized  medical website with no money whatsoever. Here at KolkataDoctorsPortal, our plan is to promote top notch doctors who  deserve getting found in Google search with all the relevant […]

attract more patients

How To Attract More Patients to Your Clinic?

Here in this post, we are going to be telling you some techniques which you can implement to attract more patients than ever to your clinic or medical practices. Conventional advertising do not work like it used to. In this time of digitization, patients are tech savvy and they do have a smart phone with […]

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