KolkataDoctorsPortal.Com, A promotion portal for doctors, is an Initiative of ClickyMind Media , A Kolkata based Internet Marketing agency. It’s a platform for both doctors and the patients. Patients can find their appropriate doctors whereas doctors can get online presence and visibility just by getting listed at KolkataDoctorsPortal. In addition to that we provide online solution to Doctors through dedicated Website design and strategic SEO for Google search visibility.


Our aim is to help patients take informed decisions when it comes to choosing a doctor in their locality within Kolkata. And at the same time Doctors who could be of help to patients through their excellent capabilities, are given a platform to extend their outreach by being listed right here in KolkataDoctorsPortal.

With our search engine optimization expertise we make the pages appear in Google search so that patients find them, know about the doctor and take informed decisions before getting themselves shown to the doctor.

Doctors are encouraged to fill up the simple form in order to get a free listing.