FREE Website For Kolkata Doctors

Drumroll..Exclusive offer for Kolkata’s Top Doctors

It’s a great news for top notch Kolkata doctors of various specialization. Yes a FREE website. A professionally designed and optimized  medical website with no money whatsoever. Here at KolkataDoctorsPortal, our plan is to promote top notch doctors who  deserve getting found in Google search with all the relevant details.

Apart from providing a free promotion tool at KolkataDoctorsPortal itself, we are planning to build individual websites for doctors  interested to grow their patient volume.


Why this Move by KolkataDoctorsPortal?

With our online marketing experience of last 9 years, we have seen, good doctors are nowhere to be found in Google whereas some not-so-famous doctors are enjoying huge no of patients just because they have chosen to promote themselves online. While it could be pretty profitable for the doctor himself, it may not be as beneficial for the patient party.

In most cases, doctors already having a website designed by yellow pages companies of Kolkata, but the website in question does not do any good to the doctors so far  increasing the patient volume is concerned.  So, doctors are to pay monthly/yearly retainer  to the yellow pages companies even though the website is not generating any leads for them.

Another reason for us to take this initiative forward is, doctors pay upfront before they get the website designed without getting any taste of what kind of results they are going to get. Whereas, we would like to show you results and ask for our payment afterwards. Pay if and only if you are satisfied. That’s how we can work together in the long run.

Our Plan

1. We will first register a domain name preferably on doctor’s consent

2. We will professionally develop a medical website with all the details either provided by the doctor or collected from his existing website

3. We will target keywords specific to the doctors specialization. Search terms that get typed by potential patients are targeted for better conversion.

4. We will optimize the website for search engines especially Google to make it appear in the top spots of search result page so that patients find the doctor.

5. All the analytic data with regard to how the website is performing online, no of visitors, how they reached the website, what are the keywords they searched  and most importantly how many visitors are visiting the contact page etc. will be shared to the doctor in regular interval.

If and only if results are delivered to the doctor which brings positive change in his/her medical career, we will approach for payment which is pretty reasonable. We are confident that we will be bringing results within 2-3 months from the date of Doctor’s approval. Get results and then pay. Otherwise we won’t be nagging for payment.  It’s that simple. So all the risk is on us. To come on board, call 9874490177 or send email at and take the wisest decision in your life.  Let’s win and win.


Chandan Das


Mob: 9874490177