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About Doctor Prosenjit Sarkar : Best Gynecologist in Kolkata

Dr. Prosenjit Sarkar , one of the best  gynecologists of Kolkata, graduated (M.B.B.S.) from the Medical College, Kolkata, one of Asia’s Premier Medical Institutions. He did his Post Graduation (D.G.O, & M.S.) in Obstetrics & Gynecology followed by extensive training in Advanced Endoscopic / Laparoscopic Surgery also called Key Hole or “Minimally Invasive” surgery. He is now a Senior Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Specialist in Infertility and Endoscopic / Laparoscopic Surgery. He has gained quite a lot of experience in Advanced Endoscopic Surgery e.g. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Ovarian Cystectomy, Myomectomy, Adhesiolysis, Hysteroscopy etc.

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He attends to patients in leading Hospitals in Kolkata, namely Woodlands Multi-specialty Hospital, Belle Vue Clinic, Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Center, etc.

dr prosenjit sarka Gynecologist kolkata

He regularly participates in Patient-awareness-programmes and C.M.E. in and outside Kolkata to promote endoscopic surgery among the masses, at reasonable cost.

he is one of the top ten gynecologist in Kolkata who is truly knowledgeable and clearly explains everything to the patients. The way the instills confidence in Patients mind, is not seen anywhere. He handles any critical gynecological case with expertise and utmost care. Patients love this doctor because of the way he talks to patients, explains critical things in a comprehensive ways and the way he takes care of the whole problem.

Here are the Gynecological Services that he Provides

Dr. Prosenjit Sarkar, a Senior Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Kolkata city , Specialist in Infertility and Laparoscopic surgery is available for the following services

  • High Risk Pregnancy, Painless normal delivery, Caeserian Sections.
  • Repeated /Multiple Miscarriages.
  • Primary or Secondary Infertility, IUI
  • Advanced Endoscopic Surgery (Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy)
  • Teenage Gynecological problems.
  • Menopause & HRT (Hormonal replacement therapy).
  • Gynecological Cancer
  • Contraception and Family Planning.
  • Scarless surgery : Nondescent vaginal Hysterectomy.
  •  Urinary problems (Urogynaecology)
  •  Non Surgical treatment of Heavy menstrual bleeding.

ovarian cysts

Advanced Laparoscopy in Kolkata : SURGERY? BUT NO CUTS!

The advantages of the procedure are:

Better cosmetic value with tiny 0.5-1 cm holes.
Minimal post operative discomfort.
Lower risk of post operative infection.
Less blood loss during surgery.
Lower risk of intro-abdominal adhesion.
Low risk of post operative hernia.
Short hospital stay for 1-3 days only.
Quick recovery and normal activities in 1-2 weeks only. So, recovery from surgery is complete within a short vacation from work or studies.
Costs similar to ‘open’ surgery, very affordable.

Laparoscopic surgery has replaced old-world ‘open’ surgery in the treatment of :

Chronic lower abdominal pain.
Fibroid tumors in uterus.
Bulky/Enlarged uterus causing excessive bleeding and pain during menstruation.
Ovarian cysts.
Ovarian chocolate cysts and pelvic endometriosis.
Ectopic pregnancy.
Infertility due to pelvic adhesion, poly-cystic ovaries or Fallopian tubal blockage.

Under General Anesthesia, a thin tube is introduced through a tiny incision in the abdomen, though which the laparoscope is inserted. Then, with the help of a small video camera and a light source connected to it, the surgeon can actually see the inside of the body in the image formed in the monitor. Instruments are inserted through thin tubes inside the body to perform the surges. Post-operatively the patient can sit up and drink liquids the same evening and can walk about freely the next morning.

So, successful pregnancies result from correction of blocked Fallopian tubes and polycystic ovaries: uterus, tumors and ovarian cysts are removed with no big abdominal scar and minimal discomfort; patients are discharged in 1-3 days and resume usual work in 1-2 weeks. Thus, major surgeries too have become convenient and much less stressful, at affordable cost for the patients. Surgery estimates are available to suit every budget.

Chamber details

Dr. Prosenjit Sarkar, An eminent Gynecologist in Kolkata Area welcomes you to make appointments

Golpark Medical Centre.
57A/1A, Purna Das Road, Kolkata – 700019
Mon, Wed, Fri 4-6 P.M. (By Appointment only)
Phone : 99030 15590 (Helpline for Appointment only) / 033 2464 3169 / 033 6416 8765

Bhagirathi Neotia Women for Child Care Centre
2 Rawdon Street, Kolkata – 700 017.
Sunday 12-2 P.M. (By Appointment only)
Phone : 40405100, 40405000.
E-mail : /