Why Kolkata Doctors Portal

KolkataDoctorsPortal.Com took its birth in the beginning of 2016 just to help you find your best fit doctors. At the same time famous and efficient doctors have an option to get listed right here so that patients can find them. We are happy to launch this common online platform which we are sure Kolkata people would […]

Why So Many Fake Doctors in West Bengal?

For last 2 months or so, one after another fake doctors are being spotted in entire West Bengal. It’s pretty alarming that some dishonest people don’t even mind projecting themselves as doctors even though they are not fit to be an assistant for a reputed doctor. They are faking everything starting from degrees, identity and […]

How To Attract More Patients to Your Clinic?

Here in this post, we are going to be telling you some techniques which you can implement to attract more patients than ever to your clinic or medical practices. Conventional advertising do not work like it used to. In this time of digitization, patients are tech savvy and they do have a smart phone with […]