Dr. S. Das – Homeopathy Doctor Barasat

Dr. Satchidananda Das is a Kolkata, Barasat based practicing Homeopathic doctor. He kept curing his patients with the amazing power of Homeopathy and bringing smiles of good health to the patients. His cost effective and highly authentic homeopathic  remedy is helping countless patients to get rid of their sufferings in a short span of time.

All sorts of chronic Female Diseases (Leucorrhoea, Prolapse, menstrual troubles etc) , Muscular & Nerve diseases ( Rheumatism, Arthritis, Sciatica, Stiffness, Gout etc) as well as vein and Rectal diseases (Piles or hemorrhoid, Prolapse fistula)are treated with utmost care and patients get satisfactory results within a short period of time. The way we treat patients is a proven method and patients start feeling better in a considerably short time and get cured forever in almost every single cases.

In homeopathy it’s critical to understand the patients mindset and psychological behavior  along with the  main problem the patients experiencing. Before prescribing/providing any medicine we go for extensive case studying to understand the problem area in detail for effective diagnosis followed by authentic selection of medicine. The medicines we provide are from trusted source and highly effective which helps your body to cure from within. Homeopathy helps the body to heal itself.

Our Distant Homeopathy treatment facility

To speak the truth, It’s always recommended that patients come and visit our healthcare clinic (Located in Barasat, Kolkata) physically. But there are cases where patients are not able to visit our clinic either due to their physical inability or due to the distance. In that case, we have kept the option of treatment by the use of telephone and email. If you want to opt for online treatment, please  call us. We would courier your medicine with all the instructions after the diagnosis and selection of medicine.


Any Complicated Chronic Female Diseases
menstrual troubles
Muscular & Nerve diseases
vein and Rectal diseases
Piles or hemorrhoid
Prolapse fistula
Any sort of Bowel Problems
Thyroid  Problems

About Doctor:

He is successfully practicing homeopathy since 1976 after he passed out from Pratap Chandra Memorial Homeopathic College & Hospital.  He graduated from Calcutta University. and attached with Medicine Bank, Ramakrishna Homeo Research Center, Swami Vivekananda Homeo Society Kalikatala & some other charitable trusts.
He has established the expertise in curing different types of muscular & nerve diseases, vein & rectal diseases and different complex as well as chronic female diseases.