Medical Website Design For Doctors & Clinics

Doctors need online visibility not just for increasing volume of patients, but to help people find them online and let them decide accordingly. But the problem in most cases is, conventional website designers make a total mess while designing medical website for physicians because they are just designers and do not have any knowledge of online marketing and how to structure a website to make it user friendly responsive website as well as  search engine friendly at the same time.

When doctors or hospitals get their medical practice site designed  by  website designers, they might be getting a flashy website to be flaunting in visiting cards but no patients would get to know about the website through Google search. Some people will get to know it through business cards but that is not the point of making a website at all.

Another area most website providers completely overlook is Search Engine Optimization. Even basic SEO practices like using proper title tags & other ethical onsite SEO practices are not carried out for the site. As a result the website that doctors invest in, don’t get visibility in Google search hence the purpose doesn’t get fulfilled.

So it’s always better to work with website developers that specialize in developing medical websites for doctors and health cares with proven track records of sustainable results in terms of patient volume. Your selection of web marketing experts would make or break the possibility of attracting more patients through internet.

How are we different?

When we design your medical practice website, we implement our  internet marketing know-hows and structure the website accordingly which is crucial in getting success with websites and fulfilling the purpose of creating one. So far the look and feel is concerned, the website that we design simply stands out from the crowd.  Have a look at some of our client doctor’s website layout at our portfolio section.

Mobile Responsiveness

In most cases the developed website is not even mobile friendly which means when the website is viewed through android device or Apple devices the layout gets messes up. By now everyone understands the importance of the website being  mobile friendly or responsive to any devices for that matter.

Custom Unique Design & SEO

Custom look and feel is of utmost importance so far standing out from the pack is concerned. We don’t use pre-built templates for doctors we work with. Every doctor is different, so are their tastes. Everyone has got their own senses of aesthetics and colour preferences. We get everything approved by the means of interactive feedback system during the  design procedure. So the final product is always unique and as per the client requirement specification.

We make it highly search engine friendly so that it appears in Google’s search engine result page to help patients find your site for targeted key phrases that they search. You are assured of getting more patients than you are getting now when we maintain your medical website. It’s 100% guaranteed.

It will be responsive to any device.  It will be search engine friendly. It will help you get more patients through internet.

Accessibilty & User friendliness

You as the owner of the website will get website backend admin details and our technical support to guide you learn the basic editing and publishing new contents as blogs or any latest developments in your practice or academic arena. We too are always there to take care any update as and when needed. At the same time you too can access your website and look at the search result analytics.

Reliability & Robustness

We already work with several doctors of Kolkata Area. Our exiting clients understand how reliable we are and what kind of finest quality websites we create followed by the kind of results we bring in in terms of patient volume. In addition to that, you can always extend the website features from time to time as the requirement keeps coming. We build your sites on a robust system that allows us to upgrade things and keep your web properties at par with the ever changing web standards and stand out from the crowd with uniqueness.